Support Staff Verification

Key Check Covered:

  • Criminal Record:This involves checking if the prospective tenant has any criminal history. This is important for ensuring the safety and security of the property and other tenants.
  • ID Authentication:Verifying the authenticity of the tenant's identity documents such as driver's license, passport, or national ID card. This helps prevent identity fraud and ensures the tenant's identity matches the information provided.
  • Reference Check:Contacting personal and professional references provided by the tenant to gather insights into their character, reliability, and suitability as a tenant. This can provide valuable information about the tenant's behavior and past rental experiences.
  • Permanent Address Check: Verifying the tenant's permanent address to ensure they have provided accurate and reliable contact information. This helps in maintaining communication with the tenant throughout the lease term.
  • Previous Residential Reference: Contacting previous landlords or property managers to inquire about the tenant's rental history, including their payment behavior, adherence to lease agreements, and any past issues or complaints. This can help assess the tenant's reliability and suitability as a renter.
  • CIBIL Reports (Credit Defaulters):Checking the tenant's credit history through organizations like CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) to identify any instances of defaulting on loans or credit payments. This provides insights into the tenant's financial responsibility and ability to meet financial obligations.

Our Key Checks

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Identity Verification

ID check involves validation of all or any of ID like PAN Card, Voted ID Card, Passport and Aadhar.

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Criminal Record Check

Search for any charges against applicant in court room and local
police record.

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Education Verification

Facilitate you to check authenticity of candidate's educational and professional qualifications.

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Address Verification

Verification of current or permanent or both the addresses through physical site visit.

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Employement Verification

Verification involves verifying the candidate claims about his/her pervious employment records.

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Refrence Check

Verification about candidates professional background through references provided by him/her.

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Database Check

Enable us to screen & perform enhanced due diligence using global and indian watch list.

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Drug Test

Trace the prohibited drugs like amp, coc, mol, pcp through candidates urine check-up.

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