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Best Software Company- Zeroindex Technology in India, UAE, USA, DUBAI. Transport Management System Warehouse Management System and Logistics ERP & Software in India.

Transport Management System:-

1. Multi-Branch Login from any Location with Internet Connectivity from Laptop, Mobile, Desktop.

2. Cloud-based software is very Easy to Operate Software.

3. Real-Time SMS Notification to Consignor, Consignee & Owner.

4. CN Creation/Booking (Rate Calculation By Weight or By Volume)

5. Barcode Based CN Numbering with Scan and Track/Search Facility.

6. Real-Time CN Monitoring by Branch with CN number.

7. E-Way Bill Compatible Register (Export to Excel)

8. Real-time CN Receive Register (All Incoming CN You can see in your CN Receive Register instantly)

9. Source & destination location-wise CN report

10. Booking Point/Booking Agent Wise Report Date wise

11. Vehicle Hire (With Lorry Details, Driver Details, Car Owner Details)

12. Vehicle Hire Register (Date Wise Report)

13. Manifest Creation (Full Load/Part Load) (Date Wise Report)

14. Vehicle Release Register (Date Wise Report)

15. Vehicle In-Transit Register (Date Wise Report)

16. Vehicle Arrival Register (Date Wise Report)

17. CN Gate Pass Creation/Register (Date Wise Report)

18. Cash or Credit Gate Pass Both Available

19. Delivery Register (Date Wise Report) with delivery slip upload Facility.

20. GST Report Date/Month Wise for tax Compliances with Excel Export

21. Integrated Accounting Facility available

22. Party Wise Ledger

23. Date wise Party Wise Ledger Balance (Area Wise)

24. Daily Money Receive Register 25. Daily Payment Register and many more features which is important for the transport business.


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