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Zeroindex Technology Your Customer (KYC) check is a required interaction for some organizations to confirm the personality of its current and planned clients/clients. This is regularly finished at two phases while On-Boarding of new clients and on intermittent reason for existing clients. The fundamental goal of our strong KYC process is to decrease the gamble relating to monetary cheats.

A Know Your Customer (KYC) and screening process is subsequently fundamental and requires consistency. As KYC specialists we assist our clients with overseeing client related risk without losing strategic advantage or speed to advertise.

Zeroindex Technology offering KYC Solutions across industry and different areas in India. We presently giving KYC Services in Gurgaon (Gurugram), Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Hyderabad, Chennai and practically any remaining significant urban communities in India.

At Zeroindex technology we offer rundown of screening choices to cover and relieve all sort of client gambles:

  • Physical Visits – Address Verification
  • ID Authentication
  • Documents Authentication
  • Tax Filing Regularity
  • Criminality Check
  • Credit Report
  • Social Media Check

Our Key Checks

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Identity Verification

ID check involves validation of all or any of ID like PAN Card, Voted ID Card, Passport and Aadhar.

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Criminal Record Check

Search for any charges against applicant in court room and local police record.

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Education Verification

Facilitate you to check authenticity of candidate's educational and professional qualifications.

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Address Verification

Verification of current or permanent or both the addresses through physical site visit.

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Employement Verification

Verification involves verifying the candidate claims about his/her pervious employment records.

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Refrence Check

Verification about candidates professional background through references provided by him/her.

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Database Check

Enable us to screen & perform enhanced due diligence using global and indian watch list.

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Drug Test

Trace the prohibited drugs like amp, coc, mol, pcp through candidates urine check-up.